Bicycling and the 2007 Transportation Bond

FCDOT has received several inquiries asking what is included in the November 2007 Transportation Bond that will enhance bicycling in Fairfax County. The following is a summary of these improvements.


Widening Lorton Road from Silverbrook Road to State Route 123. This improved roadway will include on-road bicycle lanes in addition to a shared use path.

Widening Poplar Tree Road from Sully Station Drive to Braddock Ridge Drive This roadway project will also include construction of a shared use path for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Widening US Route 29 A shared use path will be constructed on the west side of US Route 29 to facilitate bicycle and pedestrian modes

Widening Stringfellow Road It is anticipated that this project will include wide outside curb lanes for bicyclists. (pending BOS decision)

Base Realignment and Closure - Transportation Bicycle amenities will be evaluated as part of transportation infrastructure improvements proposed to reduce congestion as part of the changes at Fort Belvoir. Wide curb lanes are proposed on the proposed east-west connector between Telegraph Road and Meeres/Pole Roads in addition to construction of a shared use path. On-road bike lanes are also planned for Telegraph Road.


Gallows Road On-Road Bike Lanes $3 million in 2007 bond funds have been earmarked to complete the addition of on-road bike lanes on Gallows Road from old Courthouse Road to the Merrifield Town Center.


Stringfellow Road Park and Ride and Bus Transfer facility Included with the expansion of the existing park and ride will be enhancements to bicycle storage and circulation. It is anticipated that the project will include safe, secure, and covered parking for bicycles as well as enhanced access to adjacent shared use paths and bike routes.

Transit Centers Transit centers created at both GMU and NVCC will include bicycle parking/storage amenities.

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