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Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling (FABB) is dedicated to improving bicycling conditions in Fairfax County, Fairfax City, and the towns of Vienna and Herndon. While we try to keep the website current, we are adding a blog to allow us to post breaking news, items of interest that may not be on the website, and other news. Check back often for the latest news about bicycling in Fairfax.

On March 24, Fairfax City is holding a workshop to get public input on redesigning Fairfax Boulevard (Route 50/29). This offers a good opportunity to advocate for making the corridor safer and more accessible for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Route 50/29 in Fairfax City was renamed Fairfax Boulevard in 2005. The Fairfax Boulevard Partnership is the area’s Business Improvement District, consisting of property owners along the corridor who are financing improvements. The Partnership is developing a master plan for the corridor, and has hired the architectural firm Dover, Kohl and Partners to help create the plan.

The corridor is extremely difficult to navigate by bicycle or on foot, and plans to widen it to 6 lanes will compound the difficulties. For bicyclists, the lack of dedicated on-road routes and high traffic speeds are major obstacles. Pedestrians must contend with poor lighting along the sidewalks, wide curb radii, and short crossing times.

The Fairfax Boulevard Partnership’s strategic plan identifies better bicycle and pedestrian access as a priority. Bicyclists’ participation will be needed to turn this abstract idea into a fully fleshed out design element of the master plan.

The workshop will be held on Saturday March 24 from 9 – 2 PM, location to be determined. It will be the first event in a three-day design charrette process. Bicyclists can also download and complete surveys prior to the workshop.

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Douglas, this is just the information that I'm talking about. This should probably also be on the FABB events page, but the blog allows us to get it up quickly. I'll try to post this to the events page this weekend.
Alan does a great job of alerting us to the regional and state meetings/events. Should we have more formal assignments for some of us; beats so to speak? Each of us could check Web sites and call officials to see what's new. Just seems that it would lead to more thorough coverage and get us on the radar of more people.
Hunter, That's a good idea. Someone could cover the county land use hearings, someone could cover VDOT hearings and other related info, etc. I won't be at the next FABB meeting but this would be a good topic for discussion.
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