Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reston Metro station access workshop

FABB attended the Reston Metro station workshop last night. The purpose of the meeting was to solicit feedback from the community regarding their goals for providing access to the planned Metro stations at Wiehle Ave and Reston Parkway. The group was divided into 7 smaller groups who discussed their 2-4 main goals and reported back to the larger group. Almost without exception the groups stated they wanted safe, convenient access for bicyclists and pedestrians as a top goal.

It was stressed in some of the groups that in areas where there is expected to be high densities of pedestrians and bicyclists, it's best that they be separated. If not separated, the access routes need to be wide enough to accommodate both. Preferably there would be on-road facilities for most bicyclists and wide walking paths for pedestrians and the disabled. Intersections need to be changed to allow for safer crossings for pedestrians. Road travel lanes should be narrowed to allow for creation of on-road bike lanes and wide curb lanes.

Other top goals included a frequent, direct, feeder bus system. The RIBS bus system must be changed to focus on station access. Parking concerns were also discussed since there will be no motor vehicle parking at the Reston Parkway station. There will be over 100 parking spaces for bicycles at both station. These need to be well-lighted, covered, secure, and close to the station entrances.

FABB hopes to meet with the transportation consultant, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, to provide feedback on preliminary bike/ped access plans.

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