Thursday, April 19, 2007

Robert Cervero speaks about the future of Tysons

On April 17 world-renowned transit-oriented development expert Dr. Robert Cervero spoke to a large audience about what needs to be done to make Tysons work. Dr. Cervero is working with the design consultant team to develop alternative growth models for Tysons.

He spoke very eloquently about the need to provide transportation choices to the future residents of Tysons, including safe bicycle facilities. At one time he considered bicycling to be a fringe activity, but he now realizes that it is about creating choices. (See his article Travel Choices in Pedestrian Versus Automobile Oriented Neighborhoods).

While some options may not appeal to a majority of people, each option contributes to a reduction in congestion. Some options such as regular shuttles and bicycle commuting, add to the predictability of our trips. One appeal of bike commuting is while it may take longer to travel in some cases, the travel time is almost always more predictable than driving.

A plan for bicycle facilities needs to be created now so that as Tysons develops, there is right-of-way available for bike lanes, wide curb lanes, and other bicycle facilities. FABB is working with the task force, area developers, and the county to help create that plan.

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