Friday, January 11, 2008

Congressman Blumenauer calls for a 'national movement'

Congressman Earl Blumenauer recently visited the Bike Gallery in downtown Portland for a fundraiser. The Bike Portland blog entry, In Portland, Blumenauer calls for a 'national movement', summarizes the event and has some great quotes from Blumenauer:
We've got about 10 years to turn around the global warming equation. We've got an 80% reduction by 2050, which means we've got to get started on it now; it's energy, it's transportation, and it's land use, and the bicycle is something that can bring people together that can make a difference in a hurry, and start changing the way we work with one another, how we deal with natural resources, how we live a little lighter on the planet. So this isn't just about bicycle advocacy, this is about saving the world, and healing the political process.

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