Thursday, January 31, 2008

North county bike map meeting

There were about 50 people at the north county bike map meeting held last night at the Vienna Community Center. That included county and staff staff, the Providence District Planning Commissioner Ken Lawrence, Edythe Kelleher of the Vienna Town Council, and many cyclists. After a presentation on the project, cyclists took markers in hand and proceeded to mark up the maps of the proposed route network.

They also had a chance to vote on non-map content they thought was the highest priority to include on the map. Choices included Safety tips, Bike laws, Bikes on transit, List of shops/organizations, Bike Tours (routes on the map), Distances between major destinations, and Detailed inset maps of complex intersections. There is limited space on the map, so cyclists placed dots on their top 5 choices.

If you were not able to attend the meetings you can still review the proposed route network map and provide comments to You can also send comments about the non-map content as well.

We plan to send out e-news updates as work on the map progresses. Once the map is produced, then next step will be to begin work on a Fairfax County Bike Plan. The only plan available now is the outdated Countywide Trails Plan, which includes on-road bike routes that desperately need to be revised.

They had made a comment before we did the markup that the map couldn't use paths that went through shopping centers or through a HOA.

The shopping center thing seems clear enough, but when you start to think about an HOA, exactly what does that mean? Is this only in reference to trails that are maintained by an HOA, or does it also include streets that are maintained by an HOA, but to an outside observer appear no different than any other street?

The reason I ask is that they talked about finding those little cut-throughs that are oftentimes found at the end of a cul-de-sac, but in some (perhaps many) communities those are on streets that are maintained by an HOA and not the city, county or state.
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