Friday, February 8, 2008

Fines for endangering cyclists

Chicago's Bicycling Ambassadors
According to Biking Bis, Chicago's Mayor Daley has proposed fines of $150-$500 against motorists who open car doors in front of cyclists, turn in front of them or pass too close. As Biking Bis says, it helps to have elected officials who share your passion for riding a bike. Most cyclists have experienced many close calls with careless motorists, many of whom don't even think we belong on the road. Educating them on bicyclist's rights is useful, but serious enforcement helps too. All too often when I've complained about the above behavior of motorists, it's not treated seriously by police. Granted, it would be very difficult to enforce many of those minor infractions. But, merely creating the fines would send a message: to motorists and to the police.

Daley has also established the Bicycling Ambassadors, “a group of bicycle safety and education specialists who have been reaching out to all Chicagoans since 2001.”

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