Friday, July 4, 2008

W&OD Trail bridge over the Beltway

Construction for the HOT lanes project has begun, and as the project progresses, more and more news articles are appearing, like this one in the Post about the loss of the tree buffer along the Beltway. We were asked recently if the W&OD Trail bridge over the Beltway will be closed when it is rebuilt as part of the project.

At the HOT lanes public hearings we asked VDOT and contractor staff that same questions. We were assured that the new trail bridge would be built before the old one is removed, and that there would be a very short period during which traffic from the old bridge would be switched to the new one. Since the new bridge will be offset from the old one, there will be a gradual curve approaching and existing the bridge from the trail. If you hear otherwise, please let us know. We will continue to monitor this and other bicycle access issues during the project.

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