Friday, October 17, 2008

Fence at Reston Town Center transit site

A few years ago Fairfax County built a bus transfer center adjacent to the W&OD trail at the Reston Town Center. There's a bike rack adjacent to the station that is well-used, and many people who use the W&OD Trail want to catch a bus.

When the transfer center and the adjacent Sallie Mae properties were developed, local bike/ped advocates met with the county and argued for direct connections from the trail to the Town Center and the bus station. Despite the fact that it was obvious that people would take the shortest route to these destinations, many excuses were given for not providing access.

Surprise, surprise, people cut through the woods next to Sallie Mae and others walked up a bank directly to the bus station (you can almost see one trail in the first picture). What was the response? Building two fences, one at Sallie Mae and one along the perimeter of the bus station. Fences to control pedestrians is usually an indication of poor design. When the county proposed the fence, it was contingent on providing two new trail connections to the Town Center and the station. Now there's just a tall fence.

We're expressing our displeasure to Supervisor Hudgins' office.

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