Friday, December 26, 2008

One less car in Virginia

Most families in the Fairfax area have at least two cars, some have more depending on the age of their children. There are very few who have a single car, and almost none go without a car altogether. The other day FABB member Paul Kent stopped by our place with his trailer to pick up some supplies. He recently sold his second car and is now getting by with only one, a hybrid. It wasn't an easy decision. With two children in the household, there are many events to attend, errands to run, etc.

The family is learning to live with only one car. The kids often ride their bikes to school. Paul commutes either by bike or bus. As you can see from the robust trailer, he can haul lots of stuff with his bike (one of several. Just because he only has one car doesn't mean he doesn't have many vehicles. Each of the kids has a bike and Paul has several). It's the personal choices we make on a daily basis that make a difference.

Below is a photo of the door that Paul hauled home the other day.

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