Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TOD presenstation in Reston

We were asked recently to give a presentation on Bicycle and Pedestrian Access in Transit-Oriented Developments (pdf) at a TOD seminar sponsored by local transit groups. The seminar was held today at the Oracle offices in Reston. It was a good opportunity to discuss the importance of bicycling, especially as a way to access transit.

Most discussions of bicycle and pedestrian access in TODs tend to lump the two modes together, even though they are very different, especially in more dense urban areas. In urban areas there needs to be separation between bicyclists and pedestrians, and in most cases bicyclists are safer on the road, either using bike lanes or wide curb lanes, or riding in normal traffic lanes. Cyclists can cover much more distance than pedestrians, and bike connections leading from residential areas to transit areas are especially important.

It is estimated that 40% of ALL trips are 2 miles or less, and for these short trips, bike travel time is comparable to drive time, and it's more predictable.


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