Thursday, May 21, 2009

Commuters Using Alternative Means to Reach Metro Stations

According to the article in today's Post Fairfax section, For More Riders, 'the Bus Is Beautiful': Commuters Leaving Cars at Home To Save the Cost of Parking at Metro, people are increasingly walking, biking and taking the bus to Metro stations instead of driving.

40% of all trips in the U.S. are 2 miles or less. Most of the people driving to Metro parking garages live within a short distance of the station. When the price of parking reached $5, bus, bike and walking became increasingly more attractive:
Robert Allen, 18, a senior at Oakton High School, walks to the Metro station nearly every day from his home in the Circle Woods neighborhood of Fairfax County, on his way to his part-time, after-school bank teller job in Ballston. It's not so much fun in the winter or the rain, he said. But it beats the daily parking charge.

"The parking's, like, five bucks," he said recently. "And anyway, at this time of day, you're not going to get a spot anyway. It's really rare."


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