Bike Lanes in the McLean CBC


Bike lanes are needed on the main routes through town (Dolley Madison, Old Dominion, Old Chain Bridge and Chain Bridge Roads), as well as on other important secondary routes. 


·        Old Dominion and Chain Bridge Roads:  Narrow traffic lanes to make room for well-marked bike lanes;

·        Old Chain Bridge:  Narrow center turn lane and add chevrons/lanes on both sides of the street;

·        Beverly:  Add bike chevrons/lanes to connect  Fleetwood to Ingleside;

·        Fleetwood Road:  Add center line and chevrons/lanes on both sides.


Bike Lanes Beyond the CBC


The following are recommendations for routes that directly enter the CBC:


·        Dolley Madison:  From the GW Parkway to Tysons Corner, pave the shoulder on both sides and widen where necessary to create a bike lane, per the Fairfax Countywide Trails Plan;

·        Westmoreland:  Complete the bike lanes from Chain Bridge Road into Arlington;

·        Old Dominion:  Add a bike lanes from Dolley Madison north to Balls Hill Road and widen where necessary; widen and add lanes from the CBC to Arlington;

·        Churchill Rd:  Widen from Dolley Madison to Dead Run and add lanes.  Beyond Dead Run, add lanes (without widening) to Balls Hill Rd;

·        Kurtz Lane:  Needs dedicated bike lanes as it is a good option for entering CBC. Continue lanes on Calder and Brawner;

·        Dolley Madison:  Widen from GW Parkway down to North Glebe to create an uphill bike lane.


The following recommendations are for routes that aid bicycle flow around and towards the CBC, though they don’t enter it directly:


·        Lewinsville Road:  Widen from Windy Hill to Bridle Path and add lanes from Old Dominion to Spring Hill Road;

·        Great Falls Street:  Widen and add lanes into Falls Church;

·        Balls Hill:  Widen and add lanes from Lewinsville Rd. to Georgetown Pike/Rt. 193;

·        Haycock Road:  Widen and add lanes from Westmoreland Street to West Falls Church Metro;

·        Georgetown Pike/Rt. 193:  Widen and add lanes between Old Dominion and River Bend Road;

·        Georgetown Pike/Rt. 193:  Widen and add bike lane on the western side from Chain Bridge Road to Dolley Madison.


Trails In and Beyond the CBC


·        Dolley Madison:  On south side, build a trail in the Salona Parkland that has been donated to Fairfax County between Buchanan to Kurtz per the Fairfax Countywide Trails Plan;

·        Dolley Madison: Complete as much as the trail as possible from the GW Parkway to Old Dominion in accordance with the Fairfax Countywide Trails Plan;

·        Old Dominion Trail:  Improve trail from Linway Terrace to the CBC;

·        Haycock:  Complete and improve trail between Westmoreland Street and West Falls Church Metro Station;

·        Evermay and Lynwood Hill:  Upgrade the trail connection between the two so that a bicycle can traverse it. (The north trail connection between the neighborhoods has several steps and needs to be graded and paved); 

·        Brawner Lane:  Approach Fairfax County Public Schools to determine if a trail can be paved behind Franklin Sherman Elementary School between Brawner Street and Comer Lane.  Such a trail would be around the back side of the fields in the area where the school now plans to put a exercise path with exercise stations. 

·        Dolley Madison:  Finish proposed trail from Dolly Madison to the rear of Clemyjontri Park.


Bicycle parking in the CBC


Safe, easy-to-use racks are needed at community gathering places around town, including public facilities and commercial establishments.


·        Put racks at Clemyjontri, The Old Firehouse, Greenberry’s, the Palladium, McLean Hardware, Giant, Safeway, Balducci’s and any schools that do not have racks or have racks that need to be upgraded to inverted “U” racks;

·        Replace old bike racks with inverted “U” bike racks at Langley Shopping Center;

·        Insure that inverted “U” bike racks are incorporated in Tyson’s Metro stations;

·        Offer McLean Baptist Church bike racks for the small park on the corner of Brawner and Old Dominion;

·        Re-locate bike racks at the McLean Governmental Center which are currently blocked by trash cans and are not accessible.


Spot Improvements


The following improvements are relatively inexpensive and would provide immense value in the form of safer mobility:


·        Chain Bridge:  Sidewalk ends in between the Sunoco and Virginia Commerce Bank– very small area that needs to made safe;

·        Signage

o       Longfellow/Holmes Place:  Needs “bike route” signage between Old Chesterbrook and Old Dominion;

o       Fleetwood Road needs “bike route” signage;

o       Kurtz Road needs “bike route” signage;

o       Tennyson Drive:  Needs bike route signage between Longfellow and Chain Bridge;

o       River Bend Road and Beech Mill Road need “Share the Road” signs.



·        Request that future speed humps have included a break in the speed hump for a bicycle (like in Arlington);

·        Request that FCPS include walking/biking trails in front and around schools and implement Safe Routes to School plans;