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Design alterations can be made right through construction. Bicycling advocates may need to check periodically that the proposed bicycling accommodations are not changed. Maintaining an ongoing relationship with the project manager and establishing a relationship with the construction team will help advocates become aware of changes.

Late-stage changes to the design:

Delays in construction start-up can lead to design revisions due to changed conditions. Features may be scaled back because of reduced budgets or value engineering processes. Funding issues can cause the project to be split into phases, which in turn can lead to a lack of connectivity for bicycling accommodations. Bridges are particularly expensive and any narrowing to reduce costs can lead to undesirable conditions for bicyclists.

Negotiation and acquisition of right-of-way along the project can lead to delays and occasional changes in the design along a property frontage. Sometimes facilities are installed incorrectly due to field errors, requiring modifications to the design. Other problems occur when there are mistakes in the base design information. These can lead to facilities that do not perform as expected, requiring some reconstruction to meet design standards.

Media reporting:

As stories appear in the media and residents realize the effects of new projects, they may raise objections. Bicycling advocates need to be prepared to respond appropriately to any negative press or misinformation. On the other hand, project completion provides an opportunity for positive publicity, and to publicly thank officials.


Bicycling advocates can contribute to the design and implementation of all transportation projects. Many decisions during a project have a cascading effect shaping the ultimate character of the project. Your role as a bicycling advocate can make a critical difference in the bicycle friendliness of future projects. Public participation is fundamental to the design of public projects, and good design can enhance a community for generations to come. This guide gives you tools and insights that can assist you as an advocate for a more bicycle-friendly society.

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Guide for Reviewing Public Road Design and Bicycling Accommodations for Virginia Bicycling Advocates