NVTA bashes bikes once again

Pedal Power: Is Beijing's Past Washington's Future?

The December 15th Washington Post reports that China has been besieged by "the tyranny of the car." Where bicycles were once "the preferred mode of transportation for millions of Chinese", the citizens of this increasingly prosperous nation are now purchasing cars at record rates.

The article laments this is killing "one of the world's great bike cultures." Absent is any suggestion that such "culture" was driven more by poverty than affection for the two-wheel conveyance.

In the Accessibility section of its draft "Comprehensive Guide for Regional Planning" for 2050, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments devotes considerable emphasis to bicycles. In fact, "Increasing the rate of construction of bike and pedestrian facilities from the Transportation Planning Board's Plan" is actually an official "target" by which regional transportation progress will be measured.

The metropolitan Washington area is one of the nation's and the world's most affluent. About 1% of area daily trips are by bicycle. Most are for recreational purposes.

By 2050 our population will increase by two million to 7.5 million.

The Alliance supports improved bicycle and pedestrian facilities as important community amenities and quality of life enhancements.

Let's Promote Bicycling as a Quality of Life Benefit.
Let's Also Recognize that Absent a Major Economic Implosion, it is Unlikely to Reduce Congestion.

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