Why Fairfax Needs a Bicycle Master Plan

"I wish I could ride my bike to work or to school but it's just not safe enough around here." Approximately 200,000 Fairfax residents own a bicycle but few use them for transportation. For residents to dust off their ten speeds, they need better connected bike routes, secure bicycle parking and education programs to help them travel comfortably and safely. Fairfax County has become bike friendlier with the adoption of the Countywide Trails Plan in 2002, the subsequent hiring of the bike coordinator and the recent finalization of the County Bike Map. However, the County does not have a bicycle master plan for bicycle transportation over the next decade. Ideally, according to the VDOT Bicycle Facility Resource Guide, a bicycle plan includes:

The new Fairfax County Master Bike Plan would build on the information in the Trails Plan and the County Bike Map and create a coordinated strategy for the County. Currently, the county lacks the systematic analysis of the network needed to economically improve connectivity for riders. In fact, in a FABB questionnaire, most current Board members supported "the creation of general plan for bicycle accommodations". There is great potential for ridership rate increases for all ages of cyclists through targeted facility improvements and education programs. The existing road network combined with the trail network already provides the routes to access work centers, public transport hubs and other destinations such as libraries and schools. We need the strategic plan to assist the bike riders out of their cars and contribute to a better quality of life in the County.



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