The Mar-Apr 2014 FABB newsletter is now available.

W&OD Trail Safety Strategy Survey—If you have ideas about how to improve safety on the W&OD trail, take the W&OD Trail Safety Strategy Survey before March 24. The survey is being conducted to provide input to a trail safety meeting planned for April 11. FABB will be represented at the meeting. You can also send feedback directly to NVRPA.

Countywide Bicycle Master Plan —The Plan contains recommendations for making biking in Fairfax safer and more convenient. It also contains recommendations for encouraging more people to bike amd for improving bike education, with the goal of tripling the number of people biking by 2020. Public hearing dates were recently announced for the Planning Commission (May 8) and Board of Supervisors (June 17). We are encouraging cyclists to mark those dates on your calendar and consider riding to the hearing to show your support for cycling in Fairfax. See a copy of the DRAFT Bicycle Master Plan. We've also created a summary of the draft plan. Since the official plan website is no longer available, see presentations, area profiles, fliers, and other info on Fairfaxpedia.

Bicycle Master Plan presentation to Board of Supervisors, September 17, 2013.

The following are overlapping maps of four quadrants in Fairfax County showing recommended on- and off-road bicycle facilities. These maps are DRAFT as of July 15, 2012:

Northwest - Northeast - Southwest - Southeast

Draft list of Potential Improvement Projects that were an outcome of the Bicycle Master Plan process.

Bike Room at Wiehle Station

Memberships for the Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail station bike room are now being accepted. To receive an info packet, write to the county bicycle program. See the FABB blog entry with more details about joining.

Fairfax Co Parkway trail to be repaired—VDOT will begin repair of the Parkway trail this March. According to the project website the "project will improve the pedestrian/bicycle trail adjacent to Fairfax County Parkway between Leesburg Pike (Route 7) and Lee Highway (Route 29). The current condition of the trail has rough surfaces, potholes and large cracks. The repairs will improve safety, rideability and durability of the trail. The width of the trail will remain the same. Construction activities include asphalt patching, crack sealing and ADA ramp repair/installation."

Funding for bike projects approved by Fairfax County Board of SupervisorsAt their meeting on Tuesday the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved approximately $40 million in funding for bike projects over six years as part of a major 6-year transportation funding package. The bike funding is approximately $7 million/year. This is a significant increase in funding from previous years although only a small portion (3%) of the nearly $1.3 billion in total transportation funding. There was also significant funding for bike projects that will be included in many of the road projects that were part of the package. Most of the Bicycle/Pedestrian projects are sidewalks that could be used by some cyclists.

The major bike-related projects included on the list, many of which are multi-use trails, are: Old Keene Mill Road Bike Shoulders ($9 million), Route 236 Corridor Improvements (bike lanes, wide curb lanes, bike shoulders, $7.5 million), Scotts Run Stream Valley Trail ($3 million), Cinderbed Road Bikeway ($4 million), Mount Vernon Memorial Highway (Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail) ($6.5 million), Mason Neck Trail ($5 million), and improvements to Holmes Run Stream Valley Trail ($1.5 million).

There is also around $50 million for: ped/bike improvements to the Reston and Herndon Silver Line stations ($43 million); and Additional Countywide ped/bike projects ($7 million). See the FABB blog entry for details.

Fairfax Safe Routes to School page

A major goal of FABB is to encourage more kids to bike to school. We're working with a grass roots Safe Routes to School network to reach that goal. We recently developed a FABB web page devoted to summarizing information about Safe Routes to School in Fairfax.

FABB Events Calendar lists all upcoming events, meetings, and other bicycle-related activities in the area.

FABB is now a RoadID affiliate. If you click on the RoadID icon on the left, 10% of any RoadID products you purchase within 60 days will be donated to FABB. RoadID provides personal identification gear such as dog tags (FIXX ID), Wrist ID, and others.

Bicycle Incident Report Form—WABA's form for reporting incidents of aggressive, passing too close, harassment, and other such interactions with motorists. In the past Fairfax County Police collected this information using their Aggressive Driver form. Due to budget cuts, that form is no longer available. Cyclists can use this form instead. You can also use the WABA Mobile App to report crashes.

Guide for Reviewing Public Road Design and Bicycling Accommodations for Virginia Bicycling Advocates—Virginia bicycling advocates have a new resource to help them review and comment on public road projects. The new guide, prepared by FABB in consultation with the Virginia (VDOT) and Fairfax County departments of transportation, outlines ways bicycling proponents can get involved in the process of designing, approving, building, and retrofitting roads to ensure that bicycling accommodations are integrated into the plans where needed. Although geared for Virginia, many of the ideas contained in the report could be applied to other locations as well. Guide web page. Download a High res version (18MB) or a smaller Low res version (6MB). View the online version of the Guide.

Bicycle Parking Policy—Fairfax County has issued draft bike parking guidelines for review. The guidelines will include “specific standards for the County to use as part of the land development process”. The new standards will either be a Board Policy, an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance, or incorporated into the Public Facilities Manual. See Supervisor Smyth's Board Matter from the November 19, 2007 meeting, page 20, no. 40.



  • County Bicycle Master Plan
  • Prioritized list of bicycle projects connecting major residential, employment, and commercial centers
  • Bicycle parking
  • Cross county bike routes
  • Bicycle Safety and Police Outreach
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • VDOT Bicycle Advisory Committee

Road ID - FABB is an affiliate of Road ID - the company that makes identification accessories for cyclists, runners, and other active individuals who may not have their identification or relevant medical information with them during their activities. The FABB logo is available for engraving on the front of Road ID's dog tag called the "FIXX ID." FABB will receive 10% of your Road ID purchase. Click the banner above to shop.

A brief history

The roots of FABB go to spring 2005 when about 10 bicycle enthusiasts got together to talk about ways to advance cycling in Fairfax County. The group met during 2005 and eventually decided to be affiliated with WABA. Since 2006 we've contacted cyclists at various bicycle events, handing out copies of the FABB brochure, and signing up cyclists for our bi-monthly newsletters. We continue to advocate for better bicycling conditions in Fairfax.

Who we are

We are a group of concerned cyclists who want to make bicycling an integral part of the transportation network of Fairfax County, VA.

FABB Social Rides—FABB sponsors social rides throughout Fairfax. Check our Events calendar for info on future rides. See the FABB Social Rides page for cue sheets and info about past rides.

FABB is a sponsored project of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association. WABA is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. All donations to WABA/FABB are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our tax id number is 23-7305477. If you would like a copy of WABA's 990 form, please email

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